Is Your Small Business Working for You?

Are you working around the clock but can’t afford a day off?
Do you love your product, but can’t understand why your customers are not buying it?
Do you have a business idea you’d like to try out but don’t know where to start?
As a business owner, I understand these questions.
I love problem-solving and have a knack for creative business solutions.

I can help you take control of your business and implement a solid sustainable strategy.

Hi, I am Eliza

Got big questions about your small business?

I have a love for problem-solving, a knack for supporting small businesses, plus years of experience in budgeting & finance. You can learn more about me here…

Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can support you and your business.



Eliza of Bread Budgeting is amazing - she took the time to understand my business challenges and develoiped a plan to set my business up for continued growth over the medium to long term. If you're a small business or startup, engaging Eliza will be one of the best things you do!

- Sarah Ford, Bluefish Marketing

Eliza has razor sharp strategic understanding of numbers and how to make them work for you, all with unique perspective of understanding your values.

Eliza provides immense value and her freebies and insights into your business over on her Facebook page. Check it out!

- Melissa Daniels, Meld Business Services